What is Coding4Fun?

Coding4Fun is our website dedicated to showing off fun and cool hardware and software projects. We know there are lots of developers who code for fun, not just for their jobs. With this in mind, we want to show off the cool work developers can do when they combine smarts and passion.

Going back to our roots

Back in 1975, Microsoft started out as the hobbyist company in a nascent software industry. While many things have changed since then, we've always had a special place in our hearts for hobbyists.

What are Coding4Fun’s roots? Coding4Fun originally started in 2005 as a series of articles written for MSDN in order to highlight interesting Visual Studio .NET projects. Since then, we’ve switched platforms a few times and now live on Channel9! No matter where our home is, we always present you with interesting blog items from around the web, as well as original, exciting project-focused articles and videos.

Interested in submitting an article or project?

If you have feedback regarding Coding4Fun, ideas for new content you want to see us work on, or want to send us links to cool stuff happening in the community, please Contact Us. We actually do read every email!