2D Game Primer (Visual Basic)

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    Walter Stiers - Academic Relations Team (BeLux)

    Coding4Fun's WebLog has a long entry on 2D Game Primer (Visual C#) and of course also 2D Game Primer

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    As with all of these articles, the right column cuts off important text, even code!  Who is the webmaster for these pages, anyway?  Would be nice if someone looked at what they wrote to see if it was complete.  Otherwise, good article, just frustrating not being able to see it all.

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    Rominson Shrestha

    make it more easy but it's good

    will send me more information to know how to make game like mario etc..

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    where can i get source code of mario done in VB for developing someother games

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    Dear Guys.

    My classmate and I are making a flash game for a school project using Visual basics.

    The game is a ‘side scroller’ skateboarding game where the player’s character (side on) moves across the screen jumping objects.

    We ask your help because you seem to have exceptional expertise in this field.

    Could you please tell us how to make an image move, using commands, gravity principles, scores, etc and how to import a picture without the back ground.

    thank you very much

    Alex and Liam

    Big Smile

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    This is just the thing i needed.

    Because I was just griping about

    not knowing what a sprite was.

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    Checkout how far I've gotten from starting out with your tutorials

    http://www.davidtrammell.com/levi/Project.aspx%22%3EMy" target="_new" rel="nofollow">My'>http://www.davidtrammell.com/levi/Project.aspx

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    Douglas Chin

    I am trying to write a games program in VB2008.I download the directx Oct., 2006 program. I have to add references Microsoft. Directx, Microsoft.Direct3DX and Microsoft.Direct3D. I cannot find the Direct3D in the references list. I found the other two. I did a DXDIAG and it said Direct3D is enabled. How Can I get it into the references? Thanking you.

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    Mohammad Khalil

    Can some body gift me basic 2d games codes and concepts free of cost

    I Shall be very thankful to them

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    Hello does someone know any tutorials to either C++ or VB to learn how to make 2D games? sorry but this don't get me started though i allredy know a little basics in VB and C++, its very good but you only tell and tell, i don't understand what to do Smiley please E-mail at kristianjanum@hotmail.com

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    The links to the games ain't working Sad

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    @postal, this is an overview, the top has links into actual applications.

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      Dear alex flash games are written in 'Flash' which is a frame based animation tool, not visual basic. Either you have no knowledge of this part of the computer world, or need a dictionary.

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    @Roby718 not everyone is a native english speaker or knows everything about programming.  We were all n00bs at some point, heck, i still think of myself as a newbie at times

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    i need help with coding for a flash game similar to alex's request back in 2007/ if someone could update on that post it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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