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    Nguyen Vu

    Hi, very simple and useful for me.

    But how can I limit the return of RSS results. I want it to display 5 rss entries. Thanks

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    Thanks alot. I enjoyed from reading your usfull article.

    Be succesfull

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    Nguyen Vu - just simply return only the amount of rows you need i.e. .Rows[4]

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    Can i ask a DELPHI version it would be a great help.

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    Could u be ANY more vague about what the hell is going on with this code here? this was a waste of my ti,e...

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    erm not sure if you have checked this recently but its seem to be broken code, i 'ev been trying to create a simple rss feed in asp.net for a while its taking the piss...

    took less time to do it in php what gives?

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    Liquid Khaos

    Thanks for the concise example.  Great starting point.

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    It is a greate article for .net user.

    But it needs to open any rss web site not which contains only .xml extensions.

    eg. when i wite http://news.yahoo.com/rss the program above was not work.

    If author gives such actions then it will become very great.

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    can you please tell me, when did your next artical will publish. Because it is very imp to me for further devlopment of my own rss reader.


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    Green Armadillo

    Hey, why you have to make a story out of it, can you go straight to the point?, it is really boring to read the first crap paragraph. When somebody comes to this page is to get the technical part as easy as you can provide it. No offense. And thanks for providing this control.

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    Shahzada Mansoor

    Nice artilce, I was looking for it Smiley

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    #Nguyen Vu

    a easy way to deal rss feed by using rsstoolkit.dll http://www.codeplex.com/ASPNETRSSToolkit/  

    I have another question:

    if I want to show contentType of each item, how can I write the binding sentence,

    <%# DataBinder.EvalContainer.DataItem, "msdn:contentType") %>  ?

    but it doesn't work.

    Does anyone else have some suggestions? Thanks.

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    Nice article!

    I want to use yahoo weather RSS  feeds .can you tell me how can I do That.

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    Dave Star

    Thanks for the good article.  It realy helped.

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    Reading some of these comments made me chuckle. People are expecting everything to be spoon-fed and immediately configured to work with their environments. FFS learn the framework instead of expecting someone else to do it for you.

    If you dont know how to debug an app or how a dataset works, maybe you should try and master the basics first. Ya im looking at you guys: arjun, kyle... well actually most of the people that responded Tongue Out

    You provided a great foundation for an RSS Reader. Good job and Thank you!

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    Hi, I'm trying to get the RSS Feed inorder to display the content on my page, but I'm getting the below error:

    The remote name could not be resolved: 'developers.sun.com'

    can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem.

    Thanks in  advance,


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    @Kiran:  Are you using a proper RSS feed?

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    This was easy? If this is easy, then I think this is way beyond my learning ability. I'm just gonna go uninstall VB and go outside and chase cars or something...

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    @Jason:  Chasings cars, while fun, isn't a good idea.

    What did you have issues with?  I may be able to help out.

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    Sanjay Verma

    Really nice article.. It is very helpful.

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    The people writing rude comments shouldn't take their frustrations out of the author.  First of all, if you don't like the article, than you don't have to read it, the author is doing you a service by writing it at all and isn't required to do so.  If you don't understand or if it isn't what you are looking for, go find another article or write one yourself.

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    Why can't we just use Windows RSS Platform?

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    @LSiva this is an article from 2006, the RSS feed uses here is no longer valid it appears.  You can use the C4F feed if you'd like.  

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    Its nice article. Is the RSS link broken? I am not able to access this

    msdn.microsoft.com/.../rss.xml . Please share your inputs.




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