Adding Sidetone to Skype

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    Ralph LaChance


    Thanks for preparing this work; looks very promising - I really dislike the absence of sidetones in Skype and because I instinctively end up talking extra loud on my headset (to hear myself) it bothers folks around me.

    However, I'm having trouble with the code - specifically, the microphone initialization is failing - and sst aborts. Much of the time there actually is no mic on my system - it is present only when I actually plug in the headset - that sst would fail under those conditions I understand.  -- But even when my headset/mic are plugged in sst fails to init the microphone object.  

    Presumably this is due to the transient nature of my usage - do you have any idea why the initialization would fail even when a headset/mic IS plugged in?

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    Lukasz Mielicki

    It's been a while, but it's an interesting work! However I'm not sure Skype is to blame for sidetone deficiency. It appears many headsets have low-latency sidetone generation support which get exposed as a control in playback device settings. And looks like audio uC vendors cover that feature in their reference documentation, yet sadly some seemingly decent headsets lack sidetone all together -- and that is how I landed on this page.

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