Ask the ZMan:Applying Textures, Part 1

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    This has been a monumental help, I want to teach myself basic procedural terrain mesh rendering, and the fact that you bothered to write this ... in both C# and VB ... is outstanding ... thank you.

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    Can You please  describe how to put texture on Mesh.Cylinder. Thanx.

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    Matthew Ososky

    This was very useful in understanding a couple of things that were hard to grasp. Thanks for the contribution.

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    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

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    Once you get this - you should REALLY do it in C++ - C# and VB are to slow for the really high performance stuff.. Scripts are slow - compiling on demand - is lame - Learn C++ - You won't regret it - I promise! (Not some scripted version either) C++ = Fast = Portable (for non directx of course) and FAST as lightning with directX.

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    Wow...That is the most helpful article about DirectX that I have ever found.  No one will ever explain how something works like you did.  They just tell you what to do.  Not only that, but you provided help in different languages.  Nobody ever has info regarding Visual Basic with DirectX.  Thanks a lot.

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