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Beginning Game Development: Part V - Adding Units

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    Great articles so far. It is really helping me further my knowledge of game programming.

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    alexandru stan

    Can I use DirectX 9.0 for rendering on the WPF control?

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    David Powell

    Yup! You officially lost my attention here. I am almost hesitating going any furthure. It seems you do something and then go back and change this so dramatically that it makes it impossible to follow along with the tutorials. At this point I think I know enough to be dangerous and that I should go to the resources you mentioned earlier in hopes to find a better tutorial or a book.

    One thing I would like to see cleared up is the debate between Managed DirectX and XNA. I did a little research and I am confused as to which one I should be using. I don't want to use Managed DirectX if it won't be supported in the near future and I am not really sure how different XNA is from what I have already learned in this tutorial. I think I need to shop for a book for beginners.

    I thought I was going to be able to drive a tank around a world but up to this point it looks to me like the world moves around the tank. I guess I need baby steps but as Carl said in the previous tutorial. These are starting to get worse and worse. I do appreciate the attempt tho. I am just trying to give you input in case you plan to improve them in the future.

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    If your concidering doing these tutorials for yourself, forget the crappy comments from these simpletons, I have novice/intermediate programming knowledge and i'm finding these tutorials god-like for what i need. The difference between me and all the people complaining is that i really really wanna learn this stuff and im spending hours playing around with the code making sure i understand 100% before i move on

    For anyone getting disheartened by reading peoples comments, just ignore them and try the tutorials for yourself (no offence intended to the people that lost interest). Cant wait to go onto the next page and add some lights and terrain in!!!!

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    I agree with Mike about the simpletons. Cuz honestly, all it takes is real effort. I myself have been working hours on cramming all of the content down before going to the next section. To be honest .. I haven't even opened the next section. not even peaked. And with the knowledge I have already gained, I have customized my own camera class apart from the one provided and am already working on an Objects class to render and load 3d objects onto the device.

    Each new object is given its own attributes as well as the default . Translate, Rotate, and Scale attributes.

    The Objects class I made also allows me to get(), remove() and add() new attributes to any 3d object instance I want.

    So.... to break it all down, I've been reading my eyes dry to make sure I've gotten all the material down pack before I head to the next section. Even if it takes me a whole day to finish one section (or around 6 hours as the tutorial identifies).

    It takes a little more effort than you think, to learn it, but you'll only have to learn it once. Wink

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    Hey, I'd just like to say thank you for this tutorial, and all the time you put into it. I'm currently just finishing up part 5, and I have never been more confident in C# and DirectX development than I am now.

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    This is Part 2 of an introductory series on game programming using the Microsoft .NET Framework and managed

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