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Beginning Game Development Part X –Direct Sound Part III

The Discussion

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    Migel Anjel

    Thanks man!

    This was very useful.

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    This is a very nice tutorial! Nice job! It would be better thought if you recorded a video showing us how to do all those things. Very nice though. Thanks!

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    This has been a huge help to getting me started on 3d 1st person game programming. I have two questions:

    1: where you don't specify VB or C#, does that mean the code is neutral as it can be put in VB and C#? because im programming in VB express not C#

    2: Are there more parts to this tutorial? or was this the last one? are there more tutorials like this here?

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    @Quagmire990 Managed DirectX is no longer supported.  XNA has replaced it for .NET game development.

    The download ZIP file does have a VB example with it but looks like the article only is C#.

    There are more parts and are at the top of the article.  But once again, I suggest you try XNA as it is supported for .NET development.

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