Changing time zones

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    Great article. I've been looking for something like this.

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    @ish did you install  This leverages our utilrunner app.

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    has anyone been able to get this working

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    Hi. I am an absolute beginner to C# but really need to get this to work for realistic reasons.

    When I open this project/solution in Vis C# Express 2010 and build it, it complains with the Windows API Code Pack I downloaded and extracted that. But how do I reference it in this solution. I see a .sln file there as well but then it opens in its own solution... HELP please!



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    Hi There

    I did some more research and managed to get this working will put something together for the noobs like me once I finally get it working.

    I enjoyed the article and being some one who travels a lot in Europe appreciate the program you wrote.  I managed to follow your instructions and compile the MefUtil-TZChanger.util and load addon into MEF v2.  But I have run into a problem.   I get the error from MEF v2 when app is reloaded with addon.

    TaskDialog feature needs to load version 6 of comctl32.dll, but a different version is currently loaded in memory.

    I tried to add an app.manifest file to the project properties to set comctl32.dll to version 6 but  MEF  v2 doesn’t seem to have an  entry point to allow for mainfests.

    How do you suggest I solve this. Would really like to use this as there is nothing I have found to do the same job.  Im running windows 64 bit and the version of comctl32.dll is version 5 in the system 32 and syswow64 folder.

    1) Do I need to install version 6 of the Dll

    2) Or how do I force windows 7 to use the verison 6 dll


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