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    Christopher Steen

    telerik radEditor for Office SharePoint Server 2007 has been officially released! + Telerik for MCMS...

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    Where do you find the link for your local library?  Or the backend URL?  E-Mail:

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    Arian Kulp created a way to keep on top of what you checked out from the library and will tell you when

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    Mike Stramba


    I plugged in my local library and it worked great (Toront Public Library)

    One ting I found lacking especially on dialup was some sort of feedback when a button is clicked.

    I started to modify the testform and added a new textbox, which just displays "testing" when the Update button is clicked.  I also added a MessageBox call, both of them are physically placed in the code before the "_patron = ..." code.  The Messagebox pops up immediately while the textbox doesn't get filled until seemingly the rest of the "try" block gets executed.  Why is that?

    Also, how could I display the "raw" xml messages coming back from the server?



    MessageBox.Show("Test Message");

    textBox1.Text = "Testing now";

    _patron = new Horizon.Patron(this.userTextBox.Text, this.passwordTextBox.Text);


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    Shane S

    For Nate:

    To find your library's url, Google 'Horizon Information Portal' and scroll through the listings until your library site is found.  If '#Focus' appears in the url, you will need to remove it.  I have tried it with three libraries and have found the url for the library.

    For Arian Kulp:

    Can you try adding a feature to store libraries in the program so you don't have to enter it every time?

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    how could I display the "raw" xml messages coming back from the server?

    I have made an application taht display raw messages at server!


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    Lous St-Amour

    Argh. I was all ready to make an iPhone application for my local library (Toronto Public Library, as mentioned above) when I saw that they've upgraded to some new system, probably what I've seen references to as Horizon 8. The URLs are horrendous: seemingly random bits of session info. They've eliminated the query strings at the end, sure, but what they have now isn't much better. Library catalogues should just use the library barcode as the URL, with an addition for output format (e.g. xml) and another for branch. Session info belongs in a cookie, or at the very end of the URL, so it's easy to remove if linking to something. Right now I don't know if the link I make will work an hour from now, not to mention any APIs I might want to create through screen scraping. (Now the only option available to the general public.) Apparently, however, for library staff, the new system is much more open and easier to access, reducing the need to use XML internally to create a new interface. York University Libraries also uses this new system. Quite frustrating, really. I thought Open API meant publicly accessible, at least for developers ... but I can't find any docs on the new stuff, except that "most display functions can now produce XML" in some PowerPoint presentation. Sigh. Maybe I'll contact the TPL later to try and write something officially.

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