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Computer-Controlled R/C Car with Camera

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    if you make it with one remote control will it control just the car it was made from or will 1 comp controller control multiple cars

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    David B

    So, if you are using an 8/8/8 board versus a 0/0/4 board you have digital outputs versus physical relays.  Does this make wiring the RC transmitter different for the 8/8/8 compared to the 0/0/4?  In one, the power is coming from the USB port, and in the other, the power is coming from the RC transmitter itself.


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    @David B:   yes, 8/8/8 is digital, 0/0/4 are analog.

    As for wiring, click the contact us link at the top, I'll put you in contact with Brian Peek.

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    sewayehu ezgebu

    A nice project.i want to do a similar project with some modification like go and stop buttons.

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    Great project but Please help! I have installed all needed software but had to use Microsoft Robotics 1.5. Everything works so far but the keyup event. I hit the keyboard direction keys and the relay click but when I take my finger off it does not set the relay to false. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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    Mrunmoy Samal

    This is a great work done by you Brian.

    But, what I would like to comment here is, we really do not need a complex hardware interface. A simpler and cheaper solution would be to use a stacked buffer chip.

    if you'd like to know more on how to do it, I can share the circuit diagram and concept with you. I had done this as my final semester project during my bachelors degree.

    mail me at mrunmoyAThotmailDOTcom or mrunmoyATyahooDOTcom (please replace DOT with . and AT with @, I've put them just to avoid spams from webbots)

    otherwise, great work!

    Best Regards,


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    is there a way to do this with perportioal steering and throttle control

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    Aakash Kambad


    Thanks for this details. this is realy a good thing

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    How do you tell if your remote control is digital or not?

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    Scott K

    This is great!  I am working with 0/16/16 phidget board.  I have everything installed but I just can't seem to get the wiring right.  Is there an article or other project that would go into more detail on wiring, relays, circuits etc...  Also, do I need the battery on the remote control or is the USB sufficiant for the controller's power?  

    thanks again.

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    So How the CAmera is Linked With The PC IS it wifi CAmera Or Blutooth CAmera.,.??

    Plz Tel Me.,.,

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    @srikant the source code is listed at the top of the page with a link called "Download"

    You can save this page as a webpage to your desktop as well.

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    i request u to mail the whole coding & working of this step by step as early as possible .plz

    email id

    thank u!!!!!!!!

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    can you please suggest the car model that can be used for the project.the car should cost anything between $10-15..thank u...

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    @BeefMasterFlex this is a pretty old project, so I don't know if we still have the hardware laying around.  

    Imagine controlling a remote control car with the computer as a "man in the middle".  This lets you automate movements.  I'll see if Brian still has some of this but the video would basically be him using an xbox controller or a wiimote to drive it around.  It will look as if he is using the remote control.

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    Would it be possible to get a video of this running on YouTube or something.  I'm aware this is relatively old, but I would like to see it running before I spend the amount of money required to make this.  Thanks.

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    Wonderful project, guy! Thanks! Its really helpful to understand some complex stuff.

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    nice, im making a VTOL UAV for a bit of fun, and this is exactly what i needed. i have four high speed motors which i connected to four rc car controls, then i used your article and created a program which runs all four of them, two automatically and the other two on the left and right arrow keys (direction)

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    i love it

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