Controlling Your Lights with Your PC

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    i want something where you don't have to buy anything


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    this isn't a hack it is a how to use an existing piece of hard ware to control lights no hacking involved just simple programing. this page should be moved it should not be classed as hardware

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    of course u need to buy something, this is hardware programming. do software programming if u dont wanna buy smting

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    This is pure marketting of Z-Wave products in disguise. Making it happen from Visual Studio Express Edition is no big deal either.

    Useful article for someone who desperately wants to programatically control his/her home but totally useless for most of us who look for hard technical solutions at an affordable price.

    Very disappointing.

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    Strong Bad

    "anonomus", you do have a point about the simplicity of this page but watch your spelling and punctuation!

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    Strong Bad; who cares about his grammar? get a life!

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    For Babies only

    This is not productive. Buying the whole system and writing two lines of code doesn't mean you have done something. This project is only for babies. NOT PRODUCTIVE AT ALL. 1out of 10

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    I like the article and I think I'm going to play with it, it would be very nice to integrated it with VMC, for example lower the lights if you're start a movie Smiley

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    cool!!! but hope it would not cause any harm to the circuits n switches

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    Can I use this kit for any electric installation like the Israly one ? Also do I need something special in lamps or net or GPS net ?

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    Awesome, truly awesome.  I have had a fantacy since as a child of technological capabilities like these.  Looks like my dream is coming true.    

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    C++ Guy

    How about a version that works with VC++ (Express)?

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    I agree to anonomus, I don't want to see how to use a library of hardware-seller, I want to create my own library for my own stuff like a controller and I can't see this VB & C# stuff a such a section anymore. Hardware development needs C and maybe some inline-assembler

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    ??? HW needs C and/or assembler? VB works just as well as anything else, in fact I prefer to use something high-level like VB alongside assembler, rather than C to do it all.

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    Well, for me it was useful and I think it is h/w related and appropriate.

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    maybe i can use this to my project..,

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    David Dohm

    Some of you should really get a life. This is a good basic tutorial for someone who wishes to dabble in home control using the two programming enviornments. Take it for what it is, not some illusionary free for nada miracle!

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    Ditto that Dave..

    There are more flexible ways of doing this with X10 hardware, using *unix and MS products, and there's more appropriate hardware than this Z-wave stuff, but none the less, a good introduction for MS huggers. Check out X10 protocol, and you'll probably find better reading than this..

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    try zwave, it is a whole new level from x10.

    but I wish there was other pc interfaces

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    try mcontrol

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    I totally do not understand what is this

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    @ComputerFrek, it is using your computer to control you home so it can be automated.

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