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    Am I missing something?  The article says that the code for the app is available as a download at the top of the page.  When I download it, it comes as a .msi file which tries to install the program on my computer, not give me that code.  Am I such a newbie that I'm missing something totally obvious?


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    If you did a default install, should be something like:

    C:\Users\crutkas\Documents\MSDN\Holiday Countdown - CS\

    This is with my user account and running Vista, XP's path may be different.

    Then open up the Countdown.sln file.  The solution will require a conversion if you have Visual Studio 2008.  Just click through the conversion wizard.

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    The code is no longer available for download.  Can you point me to where to get it or put it back in place, please?  Thanks.

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    @Shane, I just tried both links and they work.

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