Creating a System Monitor

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    This looks great Jeff, thanks.  Just what I was looking for, with a bit of work I think I can use this to do exactly what I need...once again, great work!

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    jalpesh vadgama

    good work.. can i use background thread worker component to scan registry. If you have any example then please let me inform

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    System Monitor

    There is a nice solution from sysmon, you can use their system monitor and add script in order to create actions and behavior.

    You can also use their SDK in order to code plug inns yourself...

    try it out.


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    This is a really neat application and thanks for sharing. However, could you use this to monitor drives on other PC's or ever servers?

    If so how, I have tried entering a server address in the App.config but nothing.

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    Hi There,

    I just downloaded the projekt and wanted to publish and installit to get an idea of what's given.

    Build and Publish run without error in VS2k8 (had to convert the project to open it).

    But when I install it I get following error:

    * Activation of C:\build\SystemMonitor.application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:

    + Exception reading manifest from file:///C:/build/SystemMonitor.application: the manifest may not be valid or the file could not be opened.

    + Deployment manifest is not semantically valid.

    + Deployment manifest requires that you specify a publisher and a product."

    I'm new to VS2k8 and never had that Error in 2k5, so help me out please!


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    Nice little app!

    Given its extensibility, it would be great if the "engine" were de-coupled from the GUI, so that it could be run in a service/background context.  This would rule out any interactive/GUI sort of notifiers, but all non-GUI ones would still be possible.. e.g. smtp, ftp, http, message queue, etc

    I am looking for something simple and robust like this to run on some non-production servers, but need the option to run as a service rather than a Windows app

    Nice work though... clean code Smiley

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    Hello, any news about the forthcoming release?

    I have seen an interesting project ( so I would like to know which one should I try to learn.

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    Very nice and neat application.

    Whether BackgroundWorker works in windows service as well?

    Is the code decoupled from GUI is available?

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    @SK you can use a BackgroundWorker in a window service.

    This is an old project so I can't remember if it is or isn't.  Shouldn't be too hard to decouple the two if they aren't properly abstracted out.

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