Creating a Utility Framework

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The Discussion

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    Marti Kaljuve

    Thanks for sharing! This came at a perfect time for me, since I just got offered a 3-day project at work where I need to create a simple single-purpose desktop utility. Smiley

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    can it run on pro version? what difference between WPF and Windows application?

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    @charon what do you mean by pro?  WPF is a rich windows application.  It uses XAML for building out the interface while a Windows Application is a more traditional style windows application.

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    Nice. Do you have a new version of the Utility Framework coming soon?


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    @Don, Coding4Fun has additional plans for this framework so you will be seeing updates to it.

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    Adem Gashi

    Thank you very much! Simple as right time right place.

    Best regard for the author.

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    Hi Aaron

    Great stuff any idea when your going to coplete your next steps with the project?


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