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    There is not an "Export Template" option in the "File" menu of Visual C++ Express. Has it been intentionally been removed when the release versions were made available?

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    Hi Andre,

    Good question, this isn't a limitation of Visual C++ Express explicitly, but rather the fact that Visual Studio has two project systems, one for C++ and another for VB/C#/VWD. The project system in C++ doesn't have the export template functionality in Express and all the way up to Team System.



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    Nice example. I was a little apprehensive in directly modifying the Empty Project but now there isnt any problem.


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    hello,how can i make a project?can you please give the step by step of what-to-do?

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    Just wondering if you know why the Testing edition for Visual Studio doesn't have the "Export Template" option under the "File" menu either?

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    select the commands tab

    select file on the left

    click on rearrange commands

    a dialog box pops up

    click add

    select file  scroll to Export Template

    click OK  it should show up after that

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    When i add some custom dlls while creating the new template in VS 2005, then dll don't get imported while I create the new application through the newly made template.

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