Developer Review - Four ASP.NET MVC View Engines

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The Discussion

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    Wow. Great work! Thanks!

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    that was an amazing review, thanks!

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    Thanks! Sooooo helpful!

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    Nice comparison!

    But I think that having many features and producing code that is easy to support is different things. Local functions is for example something that makes it very easy to write messy code.

    You should have a look at StringTemplate also. It is different but the views are very clean and it makes testing a lot easier.

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    Hoàng Dũng, Lê

    Thank you! I'm looking foward a VS2010 Add-in that support Spark View Engine Intellisense, and I luckily found it on your great post. Thanks again!

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    Dan Gidman

    Razor does support local functions if you create them as an Action or Func property.

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