Do You Like Me? Check This Box! Blogging with the Logitech io2 Digital Pen

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    I didn't understand what is this topic about? i reached this page from google in searching "C# code for digital pen". I want ro write a code in c# which doctors can write eye information like "+0.75+1.00*180" with digital pen on picture control and can save, erase and print it, but before that, program should recognize the text and store it as string in sql database. Can you help me?

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    it work on lcd display,how it work,where i can purchase this product.

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    I was just looking for something like this and it sounds great. Already have the pen, but the functionality avaliable isnt enough.

    My only problem now is that the SDK has been removed (or just moved) from the logitech site and i cant find it anywhere.

    Do you still got it or do you know where I can find it?


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    @SaraX you can use the built in tablet support in the operating system to do this.  If you want your application to have Ink support, there is an Ink object in .Net too

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    I need to use the pen to write in a text box forexample,can i use this codes?

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    My Little Blog

    great idea..thanks for sharing it.

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