Don't touch me! - Interfacing with a Fingerprint Reader

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    Shawn Weisfeld

    I was playing with my fingerprint reader this weekend and thought I would share what I have worked on

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    i wana know how you get data from a finger print and then compare two finger prints to see whether they are the same, or just how to get datat from a finger print.

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    David Dyer

    This discussion is interesting.  I may try it.

    I’ve had a fingerprint reader for about 6 months, but have some things I don’t like.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1) The program seems slow.  When it recognizes my finger with a ”Ding”, it takes what seems like quite a few seconds to display the menu.  Is there any way to speed this up?

    2) Today it is not displaying the menu at all.  Is there something screwed up?  If so, how can it be fixed?

    3) I’d like to use the reader for Excel programs also, but it will only handle Internet explorer.  How do I get it to process Excel files?

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    Hai , i would like to know , how we can access the finger print events in aspx page ....? i want to use this as an web application. i am a c# beginerr ..

    waitng for ur repleys ..


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    @Sabin: Lets take a step back and think about how we interface with web pages and how they are hosted.  You serve out HTML to your client and your server is what has all the events.  In a web page, you don't have access to the client's computer directly so events won't fire off.

    So long story short, you might be able to, but it really isn't practically plus what I'm thinking of would require an end client to install an Active X control which most people won't do.

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    I'm testing Griaule SDK with Microsoft Finger Print in MS Acesss. In Excel Sample the Picture are displayed ok but in Access occur error. On picture control :


    Any suggestions ou Sample ?

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    Do you know of anything that i can use to encrypt user data (files and folders) with the MS Fingerprint Reader? Its available with the Digital Persona but not the MS reader?


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    Hi, Can i get the example code in

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    @sita:  While it semi can be done in ASP.Net, really is more of an application that requires a computer.  Instead of a Win32 app, you'd just have a Webpage doing stuff.  You can't have a remote computer do this.

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    Hi there Scott,

    I was trying to integrate MS fingerprint reader with the latest SDK from Griaule and I did not succeed. I cannot 'see' the scanner from any of the samples (from SDK or directly from the web - there is a Java app.).

    Do i have to follow some specific steps in order to do the installation ? (ie. first install Griaule - with the driver for DigitalPersona and than plug in the MS FP reader ... or first install the MS FP reader - with the drivers provided on the CD than install the SDK and replace the driver with the one from the SDK ... ???).

    Can i get the app (I did not find a link on the page).

    Can you tell me how can I test that the MS FP reader and the Griaule SDK can 'shake hands' ?

    If you want to can write me at gmail (use my name

    Thank you in advance,


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    ratna sireesha s

    Can some one help me.

    I have futronic fs80 fingerprint scanner which will be linked with SQL Database and I need the interface code for the scanner in C++.

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    Why is it there is only one SDK on the net for these fingerprint readers (Griaule) ?? Why has no one come up with a way to read fingerprints from this device without installing their drivers/sdk?

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    please can anyone tell me where i can get the driver software for the microsoft fingerprint reader.

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    @Raza, I know the microsoft one worked due to this example.  However I'm not sure if it works with 64 bit systems due to drivers.

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    Hi, I have to introduce fingerprint reader in my company please can you advise me which scanner suitable for us by using .

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