Everyone Loves Babies! Webcams and Motion Detection

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    nice work. i hope your baby is well Smiley

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    Gonzalo Romero Atton

    Very interesting article. I was thinkin' if it is possible to hook each motion capture event to a camera rotation movement, of course in the direction the motion capture indicates there was movement.

    Anyway, great article. I'll try to buy some sort of web cam like the one you used. It's an interesting proyect to do.

    And lovely baby indeed, congrats.



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    Nice !

    I found your blog entry through Andrew Kirillov nd wanted to show you that at least one person read it Wink

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    hi scott. u have done a good job. I'm working on a project related to motion detection too.I'm a U student. And now i'm facing some problem. Can u teach me how to write C code to open a video file and decode it to frame so that i can run some motion detection on it?

    Please feel free to contact me. valyandre@gmail.com

    thanks. Appreciate for everything.

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    Found this information on Andrew Kirillov's page. Nice work! Recently I've been looking into video manipulation. Most of my time has been spent on business applications and hardware interfacing. Great work on this project.

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    Michael Limanni

    Is there an easy VB way to create an application that just has a URL and video image for video conferencing?  I would encode a user name and password into the application.  I want something that the client can launch without using the Java program in the Web browser.  I would just look more professional.

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    Interestingly enough I got to your page in search of the "Auther" Wink Steven Wu. The same header information is supplied with the Hawking Technology HNC300 camera, which has been discontinued. I am wondering how the AIC250 works, but assume that the viewing angle is very narrow as well due to the focal length.

    BTW: I am evaluating the ~ US$198 software package "Security Monitor Pro v2.2" from "DeskShare" to save myself from the trouble you have been going through. Works great. The one good thing to know is that the camera supplies the current image through /image.jpg.

    Good luck with your project!

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    I'm trying to access an Ip camera using your technique. But I'm having some problems. When I'm running the code the debugger is showing: "flushing" flushin"....and so on. Could you help me?

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    @Istvan the flushing statement is debug information Scott put in.  I suggest hooking up a debugger rather than just viewing the output window.

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    Thanks for the example.  I got to your site searching for a solution to my AirLink101 AICN500 IP camera.  I am able to view the camera through a browser using activex or Java but was not sure how to manage the stream that is output at /cgi/mjpg/mjpeg.cgi

    I tried with your code and I am not getting the display on the screen.  When I debug, the first issue I saw was that inside the Mjpegsource.cs, the following line was always evaluating to TRUE

    if (ct.IndexOf("multipart/x-mixed-replace") == -1)

            throw new ApplicationException("Invalid URL");

    I debugged and saw that what I was really getting was "multipart/mixed".   So I changed the code above to check for multipart/mixed and got around that issue.

    Then I see that I get an exception at the below line in MJpegSource.cs

    Bitmap bmp = (Bitmap) Bitmap.FromStream(new MemoryStream(buffer, start, stop - start));

    The exception is "Parameter is not valid."  This one has me stumped.  Any pointers as what the issue could be?


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    hi there

    your work has been of great help to me


    what i am trying to do here is that i am streaming from a web cam over a network and trying to capture that stream on this very thing ure using

    i aint got no idea how do i directly access a webcams streams using http without using vlc

    am i missing something

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    @usman, a lot depends on how the stream is being sent to you.

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    hi, i coding about Camera IP but i using C++ so can you convert your code from C# to C++ for me?

    I need code about Camera IP with Motion Jpeg.

    Can you help me? thanks!

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    @Sensor_man sorry, this example was only done in c# and vb.net.  Porting should be pretty straight forward since you have access to the source code.

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    @oop this code is from an IP based camera.  Getting access to a mjpeg data stream may be a bit hard.

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    hi, can anyone give me a public camera IP so that I can try this out before I buy an IP camera? Thanks

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    @sudheer karumanchi  This project leverages mjpeg so this should work if you adjust the endpoint.

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    sudheer karumanchi

    Hi, this was an excellent project with ip cameras...thanks for providing these type of projects.

    i am also doing a similar project, to read mjpeg streams from an axis ip camera to a smartphone(windows or android). can you help in this context how far can i proceed to do so.

    thanks & regards,


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    www.axis.com/camerademo lots of cameras...

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    I want to read header of Ip Camera Video Stream.Can anybody tell me how we can read header of input stream of IP Cameras in java.


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    @Jaspreet this is a blog that deals with .NET tech, sorry!  For an upcoming article, we read the stream from the ip camera and parse based off the incoming data.

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