Extending the Personal Web Site Starter Kit

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    Tom Frohe

    Where can I find those icons on the Manage.aspx page? They look very nice but are not included in the download from the top of the article.

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    Karthick S


    I have a question on this starter kit customization. How can I place meta tag for keywords for the individual content. I see only one head tag in the Master file, but not for the content files. If you could give me some pointer then it would be great. Please mail me at karthick.sm@hotmail.com

    Good Day



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    Great, you know I downloaded and installed the personal web kit and there was no indication given of where it landed.

    I then took the C# zip file and unzipped it to get the project figuring what the heck. That project doesn't build (missing theme <pages styleSheetTheme="White"/>).

    As you can tell I pretty new to this stuff.

    Any hints?


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    Your tutorial is great. Awesome for beginners.

    Thank you

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    The icons used in the Manage.aspx are not contained in the download.  The download seems to be identical to what is already shipped with Visual Studio 2005 Professional.  I guess I'll rely on Google to provide the missing pieces.

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    I can't access to the manage user axd even if I'am on localhost.

    Where is this famous wabadmin.axd ?

    Is there an other mean to manage users ?


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    Stephen - (Assuming you are running Visual Web Developer) run the  installer, it will place a .zip file in the directory

    C:\Documents and Settings\<yourusername>\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Web Developer.

    Open up VWD and create a new project, select the Personal Web Page start Kit as your template and all should work.

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    thanks for the good tutorial.


    its incomplete.....since webadmin.axd is not available now in the later versions......can you provide us with some tutorial (without using IDE) to manage users (accept/edit roles/etc..)

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