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    I wrote something like this for a web app in 2005 (using a CueCat).  One problem you need to watch out for is that Amazon US, Amazon UK, and the Library of Congress can pull up conflicting records for a given ISBN.  For a few books of mine, each of them was wrong.

    Lesson:  always check your results.

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    Digital Convergenced developed the Cue Cat.

    Neomedia Technologies licensed the technology and revamped it to meet today's mobile life style.

    Paperclick now called Qode if a free down loadable platfrom for mobile devices.

    Qode allows the user to navigate to content with their mobile device.

    Point and click and go direct to content on the mboile web.

    Click on the 1D, UPC, 2D, QR, datamatrix, trademark, logo, keyword, RFID, slogan, etc, and be redirected to the products or brands web page to get information, coupons, enter a sweepstakes, get a gift card (reference Starbuck's Summer Pursuit where customers would get $5 bucks back when they clicked ont he logo.)

    Navigation has become easier for all looking for it.

    Try that and Active Shopper mobile edition.

    All free.

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    I can't compile because I don't have the correct reference to "InsertForm".  What am I missing?

    The type or namespace name 'InsertForm' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

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    @Jason, did a quick glance at the project, InsertForm is one of the classes in the project.  Namely in the AmazonLiveWriterPlugin class

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