I'm a mean one, I'm the Grinch ... by using Amazon Web Services

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    @Terry The article is from 2006 and we were still figuring out how to get everything properly done at the time.  The source code is there at the top of the page in both next to the “Download” in both C# or Visual Basic and I’d bet if you saw that, it would answer your questions.

    private AWSECommerceService amazonPrime = new AWSECommerceService(); is the line I think you’re worried about.  It is in the Form1.cs file if you’re using C#.

    And if you’re wondering what AWSECommerceService is.  It is the object created from the webservice, webservices.amazon.com/.../AWSECommerceService.wsdl

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    Good article, but with bugs enclosed. Your topic and the way of exaplining is very good, but you have missed out couple of things to mention or make clear or show proper code to the end user. You have used amazonPrime 2 times, I guess to send the operation task to the web service. But what is amazonPrime ? Their is no such thing in whole context. How can the user know about it ?

    Secondly you ae retrieving items from giftList, but when and how is it populated ? Can you find that in the code or text provided here !!!

    I was eager to work on your way and wanted to test it. I coded till 2 code blocks, then on 3rd when I found retrieving giftList items, I stopped and decided to see till here. Was wondering for amazonPrime also from the 1st block but thoight lets see. Your such nice article turns out to be of no use and I wasted my time in additions.

    Correct the bugs so atleast others can use it properly.

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