Is that you? Writing Better Software for Cool USB Hardware

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    jacky xu

    The Project is so cool ,I use it for reference. thanks.

    If you have update ,Please send to  my Email:

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    I'll try this with my USB game pad!!!

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    Top Coding by all u guys, I also purchased one of these and thought nice device, REALLY POOR Software..

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    Not much of a VB/C programmer, but anyone get this to work for Vista?  I have the latest driver info loaded from the vendor that supports vista, but I don't see the the same HID info.

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    Great Article!   I was wondering if anyone has ever connected (browsed) a digital camera that is connected to a USB Port?

    I know software exists that does so, such as Kodak EasyShare, but it can really hog your memory.

    It looks like this article will provide help, but any additional help would be appreciated.

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    Ken Christensen

    This is very cool.  It is something I have wanted to build for a long time.  The application for this is very compelling and is as follows.  If my PC can recognize my presence it can automatically go to sleep and power-up in such a way as to maximize sleep time and not annoy me with wake-up delays.  The idea is that the PC will begin wake-up when I am approaching it and can be fully awake when I sit down to use it.  Such a device can decrease the disabling of power management (usually, users do disable power management) and result in much greater energy savings – a truly green PC.  

    Thoughts on this anyone?

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    Ranganathan Sridharan

    I am looking for any wireless interface with a couple of buttons that has a .NET library. Basically I want it to select from a couple of options  to collect data. I want the .NET interface because I want the data collection to be controllable over the internet as well. I think this can be used for other really cool applications like controlling your media applications wirelessly. Thanks for any pointers.

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    Victor J Alvarez

    I actually got the computer to "go to sleep" using the code provided on SourceForge. The problem is that I can't get it to wake up from sleep. Since the device doesn't register itself as a mouse or keyboard, the computer doesn't allow for power management to be set on the device.

    Any recommendations? Does anyone know how to add drivers to the device?

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    lostdreamer​_nl at hotmail dot com

    First of all.... WOW.

    I tried this thing a few years ago and after having a few rounds with it's software it was now collecting dust for a year or 2.

    Just wondering: I'm trying to adjust the code to accept multiple USB recievers (so not only can i see if i'm around, but also; where in the house) I allready have 3 sticks with different IDs, but dont exactly know which classes I should edit to make the program accept multiple USBsticks at the same time.

    If anyone has any suggestion, It'd be great.

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    @Cosmin are you sure your device path is correct?  One issue could be this article was written with Windows XP, things may have changed.  I don't have the hardware to verify

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    I have a problem... myUsb.CT_CreateFile(my_device_path) returns 0, so it fails, and i have no handle. Can anyone help ? I'm using windows 7 and visual studio 2008.

    my_device_path is ok.

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    @Yllsa all depends how that hardware works.  

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    Great article! I am trying to program using a USB PANIC Button


    to simply act as a physical manifestation of the button on the program form. (So all it needs to do is trigger an event of some sort.)

    I tried adding the references to the .dll from system32 folder, especially HID.dll, but it gives me an error that says:

    "A reference to 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\hid.dll' could not be added. Please make sure that the file is accessible, and that it is a valid assembly or COM component."

    I tried to add the .dll by Right Click Project -> Add Reference -> Browse. I might be trying to add it wrong.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    @priyath yes but a lot depends on what hardware you picked and how you want to communicate.  If you picked a chip that mounts as a serial port, it is rather simple then.  If you need to make a driver, then that raises the difficulty greatly.

    Phidgets are a great low-cost, easy to use, "Just works" type thing.  Micro framework boards like the netdunio and Fez Domino are also decent possiblities as well.

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    Any idea on how to read a custom made electronic device from c#/VB

    eg:- display temperature on PC reading from usb

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