Laser Tracking Camera

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    You can avoid the /unsafe by using

    System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.Copy to copy the image data into a byte array. There is an example in this project :

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    Why using a threshold ?

    You can just find the point where it's max !

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    Brian S. Brumfield

    The threshold helps calibrate the camera to the background light conditions.

    Idealistically there should be a way to calibrate the detector to the laser color, and filter-out the non-laser hot spots. The real challenge is that red (like the red laser) is a component of white light, so you can't just look for the hottest red spot because the hottest white spot is likely to also be the hottest red spot. In the event that there is bright white light and or a warm background, this becomes challenging.

    A fuzzy algorithm "Where hotspot is mostly red and the pixels surrounding the hot spot are not" would be ideal.

    Nice work Ashish!

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    Hi Stephane,

    Without a threshold, the program would always find something "bright"..even when there's no laser dot in its view. Smiley

    Brian: That's a nice idea. I just didn't do it because I wanted to keep things simple. Smiley

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    good day sir!

    may i ask if you succeeded in controlling the mouse movements by using the coordinates of your laser tracking project?

    thanx for your reply..

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    Hi Ashish ,

    Your project is very good. I found the code for controlling a stepper motor with mouse wheel but could not find out how did you control the stepper motor to move along the laser pointer.Can you please help me with and send the solution for this project if possible through email.Please find my email ID :

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    if you have any code or program for laser tracking?

    please give me if you have any code or program for laser tracking?


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    @meysam:  This article has that code in it.  Or you might want to check out the AForge lib.

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    Hello Ashish, I have been reading all your articles with great pleasure. I am looking for a method to control a spotlight with servos to follow performers on theater stage. Your method seems to be the most ideal I have come across yet.

    However, I am considering using Infra Red Laser as the point light source.....and IR that the laser is not visible to the audience

    How well do you think your software will cope with this method?

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    Brilliant idea for a security camera! Only thing is the laser light might be safety hazard for the people being tracked!

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    can you give me a brief idea abouthow to mount this system over a robot to have a laser tracking robot

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    @s.avinash I'd use a proper pan-tilt.  They are pretty cheap and effective.  From here you'd create the mount to whatever device you're putting on it.

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    it's nice &may be easy to try something like that!

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