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    Computer Guy

    Cool, but does it leverage exist technology? I would hate for someone to get boxed in? Deos it allow once you gain knowledge to move to a bigger Language?

    Where am I going with this you ask? I'm wondering how the new language stacks up with KPL (http://www.kidsprogramminglanguage.com/) and/or phrogram (http://phrogram.com/search/SearchResults.aspx?q=.net)

    The big selling point of those two is the connection with .NET and being able to export or compile into C# allow the beginner once ready to step up can leave KPL or phrogram and start C# or VB.

    This almost look like Turtle or something.

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    Simon Brown

    As a reponse to "Computer Guy", I know that leopard is written in Liberty BASIC (www.libertybasic.com) and if anything would offer the facility to convert to that. Leopard is designed to be the simplest language to possibly exist.

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    @Computer Guy

    There's always someone in the room that wants to turn any language created into the next C++ or Java or something else. Sigh...

    You completely miss the point of this language. It CAN work as a stand alone. I work with many different technologies. Some can be segued into another but that is never the point. When I work in BASH, I do so because that's the best tool for a specific job.

    When I work with JS, it's because it's the best solution for what I'm doing. The same thing when I need to work with DOS Batch Scripts, C, C++.

    Right now I'm working on game design that uses a language I haven't worked with before and whose language logic is completely different from anything I've ever worked with before. You know what... I will be able to turn out a complete FPS in a couple of weeks in what could've taken months in C++.

    Since you don't understand how it's possible to work with different tools to get certain things done - you should probably stay away from programming AND computers in general.

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    Larry Lowe

    I'd love to try Leopard but the dl link is not working I get error 404.

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