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    Cool idea! Wink

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    doug mair

    Thanks so much, put this control on my app in 10 minutes.

    Found a bug with the pricing value that get displayed. If you have a trail mode, it will display the price of the trail, was is $0.00 which gets translated to Free.

    My fix was to use the first non-zero price. Seemed to work.

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    This is very well done! Thanks for taking the time with all of the details, I love it...

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    This is good, if customizations like filtering certain apps aren't needed, a simple alternative is to use the MarketplaceSearchTask  and use publisher name as the search term.

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    i think this is a Smart and Cool idea from u...Good Job Dude

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    Thanks for this Nice idea and Detailed Explanation Smiley

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    Great post. I was not aware of Syndication class. I will need to refactor my code to use it in App Rank app. It provides real-time app ranking of any app by querying marketplace as you described.

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    Nice work!

    On playing around with the API I found that you can use the 'publisher' parameter rather than the 'q' parameter to get all your own apps. This will stop other publishers' apps being shown in the results if you have common words in your publisher name.

    Obviously you can also change the country tag to get ratings and prices, etc, for the market the user is in.

    For example, all my apps with ratings for New Zealand: http://catalog.zune.net/v3.2/en-NZ/apps?publisher=Sheerwater&clientType=WinMobile%207.1&store=zest

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    I had an issue where the list was not displaying my submitted apps.  Originally I had placed it in a panoramaitem, inside of a stackpanel.  However, once I replaced the stackpanel with a grid the list updated correctly.  I highly recommend using this as it's simple to use.  


    Is there a way to allow the publishername to be databound?  I find if I override the DataContext property things don't work so I have the name hardcoded.

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