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    Anthony Graham

    How widely is WIA actually supported? I'm using an Epson PX800FW on Vista 64, and the WIA driver doesn't even support the Auto Document Feeder. I say this because property 3088 is simply not there.

    I'd have thought that to get WHQL certification, all the parts of the hardware would need to work :/ I'm thinking twain is my only hope, sigh!

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    Thanks again for the information, so the solution is to find another activex control rather then wiaaut.dll to control my webcam in Vista OS right?

    Do you have any information about it? so i can still using my application in Vista Based environment.

    And I hope it is a freeware like wiaaut.dll


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    Anybody try connect digital camera to take a picture?

    How to connect  camera digital in mode printing, computer , etc?


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    @Gajendra Kumar, an IP camera works different than this code.  

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    Gajendra Kumar

    Hello Friend,

    Any one hase idea about IP camera?? How it's work??


    Gajendra Kumar

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    Thanks for the sample.

    Can you show how to work it on a Scanner?

    I will be much happy to see that

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    hi friends

    it was helpful,but in Vista it cause error :

    Exception from HRESULT: 0x80210015

    whats wrong ?

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    @dr_csharp based on a quick bing search on that error, sounds like the device you're using isn't WIA compliant.  I'd suggest using check out DirectShow.net or http://wpfmediakit.codeplex.com/

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    @adnan, there are a bunch of things out there that can do stuff like that but we don't.

    To store an image in a database (most wouldn't recommend this), use a BLOB data type.  I'd suggest storing a file path instead to the image.

    Check out DirectShow.Net or the WPF Media Kit to pull images off webcams.  http://wpfmediakit.codeplex.com/

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    Nice article Smiley

    I am making a Lab Complaint Management in C# and would like the webcams placed in every lab to record the videos and save in a database or at some place.

    The people using software, to whom given the rights should be able to see the live web cams of any lab, all the labs are networked to each other.

    So two features

    1) Able to checkout live cams of any lab

    2) Record the video at some place

    This need to be done in C# -  Can anyone help? Am a newbie - Thanks a lot friends.

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    Hi, I am trying to interface a webcam to a C# program. I need it to scan the screen to find a red dot.

    What shall I do?



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    @Oea Tek, part of the problem here is you need API references into the camera to do this.  It isn't as straight forward as you think.  I've been wanting to do this to my Canon T1i.  Each camera's API may be slightly different and depending on it, the camera may not even have one.  I know Canon mid and high range cameras do, as does Nikon.

    This is something I've been thinking about building an SDK for but it is far harder and has more moving parts than one may think.  Canon, while it has the API, has some restrictions on how you can distribute and how you can even get a hold of their API.  I tried twice and haven't heard back.

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    Oea Tek

    Are there any solution where one can capture images from a digital Camera to an image control in real time (not a web cam)?

    I have been searching the web for days trying to locate such hardware software solution to no avail. I found plenty of references for web cams though.

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    It great!!

    Any one can try sample c# and vb.net webcam connecting.

    Very easy to use.

    [link removed]

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    @Ambeen, I removed the link since I did a quick glance at it and the DLL that does the actual webcam processing worries me where you got it from and how you're distributing it.  I'll be more than happy to post a link to your blog once I feel a bit more comfortable about where that webcam code came from.  Please hit the "email us" link so we can clear this up.

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    i am new in WIA programming. plz guide me how to implement & where write these code for scanner.

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    brilliant post

    Thanks a million!!!

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    @Paul Chu, I understand why Scott is doing what he is doing but not 100% how to fix the issue.

    Instead of using WIA to do this type of thing, I'd suggest using check out DirectShow.net or http://wpfmediakit.codeplex.com/

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    Paul Chu

    Hi all,

    I'm very new to this type of stuff and

    I wanted to try this out on my Win 7 laptop.

    I downloaded the C# code and I get a registry entry error at runtime

    jpegGuid is null !

           private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


               Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey jpegKey = Microsoft.Win32.Registry.ClassesRoot.OpenSubKey(@"CLSID\{D2923B86-15F1-46FF-A19A-DE825F919576}\SupportedExtension\.jpg");

               jpegGuid = jpegKey.GetValue("FormatGUID") as string;

    A regedit search shows the key exists:


    but none of the \SupportedExtension\.jpg

    Can anyone help me ?

    Thanks, Paul

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    why it doesn't work in windows7?

    can't find any device

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    @me a lot depends on the device.  If I need to use a camera, I tend to use either the WPF Media Kit or DirectShow.Net

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    @Donald did you import the WIA namespace?

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    I get "CommonDialogClass" not define. I am using Windows Vista32 and Visual Basic 2008 express. What am I doing wrong?

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    I developed under Win 7 64 bit, and was faced with a user base of XP SP3.

    It is likely that wiaaut.dll is not installed or registered.

    Find the XP WIA SDK (via Bing, I guess), and add it to your install project.  Set the Register property to "vsdrfCOM".



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    Wow, it's simple and shows everything what I need to do to capture using WIA.


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