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    @Bt, this is Brian.  As Clint said above, Johnny's technique uses my Wiimote library to create the effect.  Johnny's implementation is great for head tracking if you're actually moving your head to different xyz positions in 3D space, if that makes sense.  In this game, you're only "rotating" using your neck across those axes, so your head "pivots" while your body remains stationary, so the same effect is not required.  The xyz of your head position remains the same, just the rotation changes.  Moving your head moves the reticule, not the world.  A bit hard to describe, but it makes more sense if you play the game or see someone playing it.  Smiley

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    @bt Johnny Lee uses Brian's c# wiimote library Smiley

    Brian's solution also doesn't require any custom hardware, it just pops on your head

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    Good stuff.  Just found via NeuroSky's developers site.

    There's a better way to handle the head tracking.  See below YouTube clip via Johnny Lee.


    Thanks for your hardwork.

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