Non-Destructive Media Edits

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    Tami Cooper

    I have a really long video of the fireworks at DisneyWorld on Christmas Eve 2007.  The video is about 12 minutes so of course it's way to large to upload to myspace or youtube.  I tried using Windows Movie Maker to edit it and maybe cut it in half and make two videos but I wasn't able to import it (wrong type or something).  What would you suggest? Downloading this and editing the video that way?  

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    @Tami:  Email me the type of camera you have.  If it is a JVC, I may be able to help.  I have one and I know a few work arounds.  crutkas [at] microsoft

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    thank u ,

    this  info is really helpful

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    I want to disable WMP default mouse click events. For example if user double clicks he video frame i want it to be fullscreen, when user doubleclicks again video will quit fullscreen. My code is valid and working for frist step. When in fullscreen i am doubleclicking again and just video stops playing. and my video stays in fullscreen. i want to disable stopping video.

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    Arian Kulp

    I haven't looked at this code since a few years ago.  Maybe it's time to revisit it!  I can't think of any reason off the top of my head for why this wouldn't work.  Have you verified that the XML file with the marks gets written properly?  I'll take a look at some point, but it probably won't be until after PDC at the earliest.


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    Colin smith

    Thanks for this article - very helpful and works fine  except when playing DVD files stored on the hard drive. The currentposition can be read O.K. but the marks are ignored on plackback (i.e. the sections aren't skipped). Any ideas about enableing the marks for these files?

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