Poor Man's Power Monitor

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    hi...can i choose the type of interface to control?? for example i want try to look if the Wireless in enable but

    it recognizes the Wireless as Ethernet and not as Wireless...

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    Do you have a compiled .exe version?

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    Does this part of your code work on Vista?

    double newCountBase = (double)(ulong)physDiskCounter.Properties[


    double newCountValue = (double)(ulong)physDiskCounter.Properties[


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    Thanos Naranja

    This is very interesting and helpful,  I am an amateur trying to write an application that will identify the Wifi card (PCI or PCMCIA) and turn the radio on or off with a simple software switch.  You would be amazed at the number of  WiFi radios (ThrendNet for one) that are sold without the ability to turn them off other than be going through the Device Manager.  Would you have any suggestions or code examples addressing the device management layer on this subject?

    (Sorry forgot to include my Email)

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    i need MotherBoard ,Cpu,Fan Temparature

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    @Paul, looking at this, I'm not sure this really calculates power but more resource usages on the computer.  Not sure without doing some major research if that is possible.  Easy way is to get a "Kill-A-Watt" and alter it so it connects to your computer

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    I am in need of a piece of code which does this but also measures the usage in watts? is there anything like this out there

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