Randomly Opening CD Tray

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    Barbara Kallas

    I am a victim of someone's cruel sense of humor.  Can someone describe in layman's terms how to get rid of this?      

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    Your mamma

    Does anyone know this code in c++?

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    Shane Lafortune

    well being a lazy teenager;barbara according to the full prank it says you close the application which would easily stop it from processing unless of course you have a virus which is different you have a virus eating your core system files and or corrupting your motherboard making it think its recieving the signal to open it,if it is just a prank then simply use the CTRL+ALT+DEL task managers process tab look under the processes tab for afile running on a user account(anything not system,local service,network service) that is unfamilar, if you dont know what some of htem are use the search thingy in windows and find it viaits file name then right click and open containing folder which should help you find out what is out of placew,once you do so end the process,and delete the file. =) if you would like ot thank me you can contact me at fr0g-legz@hotmail.com

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    My mother is also a victim of this.  In 2005 her cd-rom just started opening & closing on Halloween.  It stopped the next day.  However on Halloween in 2006 it started again and wouldn't stop.  I disabled it for her.  Barbara if you find out would you please let me know.  My email address is wandam868@sbcglobal.net.


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    Brilliant piece of work. And to the person who created the halloween "virus" or to Wanda if you could please send me a copy for educational purposes at the_dark_spectre_lives@hotmail.com.



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    Can this be done using command line also ?

    for example:rundll32.exe winmm.dll, mciSendString  ???set_CDAudio_door_open???

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    Ha this joke was funny for 1 minute until everyone wanted to get back at everyone else.  So myself and my company have wasted a week disabling this crap.  Let's just say the netsend/CD tray people have been notified by email that the unemployment line has an opening.  People don't get that a joke can go too far.  The CD tray joke really needs to stop.

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    dude are you guys flippin retarded the link to download the msi is right there on top of the page

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    Um ok so where do i type all that stuff in??

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    I have this problem on my pc now and it's driving me crazy. I can't find the file to delete it.

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