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    Worth Becker

    We did this for our Microsoft Imagine Cup project for 2006. We used the infrared capabilities of one of the acu-check glucometers to pull data to a pocket pc, correlate it with diet and exercise information logged on the pocket pc and charted it. The pocket pc would sync with our website allowing doctors to log in, and view his patients data daily. The goal was to cut log books out all together. Our application was called TypeZero.

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    Hmmmm.  I have a Freestyle Freedom and can't get it to return any data from the unit.  It comes back NULL.  Anyone know if the "mem" command is the same on this unit?

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    Bernard Farrell

    Nice job Scott

    I'd love it if the XML was a microformat, this might be the start of developing and promoting a standard format for blood glucose readings.

    If we did this for independent software packages (microformat import/export) then maybe meter manufacturers would think about supporting it in their meter download software going forward.

    More about this is in my paper in the March 2007 edition of the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (http://www.journalofdst.org/March2007/pdf/JDST-Vol-2-Abstracts/VOL-1-2-CGM1-FARRELL-ABS.pdf).

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    I own a lifescan One touch ultra, is it possible for this meter to read out the memory ? does anyone has expirence with this glucose meter ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Bruce S.

    Do you happen to know where I can find the pin configurations to make a data cable for the FreeStyle Flash Diabetic Meter? All I need is the wireing diagram on what wires connect from the DB plug to the 1/8 inch mini plug and I can make my own and save myself some money since I cannot work due to medical problems.


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    This is awesome! I always wondered if I could hook up to one of my blood glucose meters.


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    pinout diagram for Freestyle data cable:

    Tip ---> pin 2 of DB9

    Ring ---> pin 3 of DB9

    Base ---> pin 5 of DB9

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    I'm using same glucometer, but i try to read data through serial port using PHP. Please can anyone have idea or anybody used?


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    Does anyone know how to reset the user data points to zero on the the FreeStyle Flash??  Not just the calendar, but the actual readings?


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    Hi!! I just would like to know if you have certain DLL or OCX for freestyle flash glucose meter. Is this code of yours can be compiled in Visual Studio .Net Professional Edition? please send me some feedback... Thanks and more power...

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    Anyone have the schematic pin out for a Free Style USB to stereo cable?

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    The Freestyle connector is a serial interface, and there is no USB controller on board. You can build the TRS->DB9 cable that sp mentioned above and plug it into a USB-serial adapter.

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    I understand "Tip" (ground or +) and "Ring" (battery or -) in the context of telephony, but not data.  Does "Tip" refer to XMIT (transmit) and "Ring" refer to RCV (receive)?


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