TwitterDrive – The Revolution in Cloud Storage

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The Discussion

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    This code could be converted to use Azure Queues for storage Wink

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    Alexei Pshenichnyi

    Good idea and good article at all, Brian!

    But things like

    "string entry = string.Format(FileEntryHeader + "{0}" + FileEntrySeparator + "{1}" + FileEntrySeparator + "{2}" + FileEntrySeparator + "{3}" + FileEntrySeparator + "{4}", fe.Filename, fe.StartStatus, fe.EndStatus, fe.Length, fe.FileIndex);"


    "TransferComplete(this, null);" written by Microsoft C# MVP look doubly bad.

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    Absolutely no part of the TwitterDrive code should be judged for quality or completeness.  It was a joke hacked out in a couple days for April Fool's Day.  It's buggy and awful, but it kinda' works.  Smiley

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