Upgrade Your Game: Crusader (C#)

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    John Tempest

    The link to "2D Game Primer (C#)" is broken and produces a "Page not found" screen. A search finds the document at https://blogs.msdn.com/coding4fun/archive/2006/10/31/916381.aspx

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    Cal Jacobson

    The link to "2D Game Primer (C#)" is still broken and the link provided by John Tempest (above) no longer works as well.

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    Sean G

    A way to save the game would be a great addon, how would it be done?

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    Cory Perkins

    The Files table is getting chopped off on the right.  I noticed this on some of the other pages (TinyTennis with XNA I believe).  You might want to look into it.  I really enjoy this articles, but it is a huge distraction to see part of the page missing.

    Other than that, I want to thank you for putting these together.  They are an excellent resource.

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    Looks like the "2D Game Primer (C#)" document can now be found at https://blogs.msdn.com/coding4fun/archive/2007/02/20/1727608.aspx

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    Tyler Moyer

    hey! I love these tutorials, helps me out a lot. Well, I was wondering if someone can make a 2D Real-Time Strategy game? That would be the best ever!

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    Shaun Sander

    On a side note...

    Transparency for an image is ALOT easier than using

    _attributes= new ImageAttributes();

    _attributes.SetColorKey(_colorKey, _colorKey);


    Just try

    Bitmap item = new Bitmap(Application.StartupPath + "\\Images\\Items\\Ring1.png");


    g.DrawImage(b, 0, 0);

    Fuschia is that weird Purply color 1 Right of Dark-Blue (Bottom Row), and one left of Yellow(Bottom Row) in MS-Paint

    On another side note, tinyUpload started working again!


    for the RPG. If you want to see the RTS, just e-mail me Smiley

    The RPG is in VERY early stages... Just movement, map-loading (Excluding the map-editor I coded... But this can be requested), Player-Rotation, Test-Commands, NPC's, and collision.

    If the tinyupload link is down, feel free to e-mail me


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    I run the Crusader file from the unzipped folder in XNA 3.0 Visual C#, and it gives me a bunch of errors

    Warning 1 Load of property 'RootNamespace' failed.  The string for the root namespace must be a valid identifier. Crusader

    Error 2 Unexpected character '$' C:\Documents and Settings\Frank\My Documents\FinalFantasy\Crusader\BitmapCache.cs 6 11 Crusader

    Error 3 Unexpected character '$' C:\Documents and Settings\Frank\My Documents\FinalFantasy\Crusader\BitmapCache.cs 6 27 Crusader

    Error 4 Identifier expected C:\Documents and Settings\Frank\My Documents\FinalFantasy\Crusader\BitmapCache.cs 6 11 Crusader

    Help me out, I need this tutorial to make some progress....

    swaggin207@yahoo.com please, thanks a lot


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    @SWAG, Coding4Fun articles are written as is, we don't have the resources to keep years of articles up to date on the newest version.  Looking at the date, I'm betting this was written with XNA 1.0 which I know there was some breaking changes that need to be corrected if you want to run versions up.

    I did a quick search and this may help.


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    Thanks for the tutorial!

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