Upgrade Your Game: Crusader (Visual Basic)

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The Discussion

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    i cant seem to get it started i get this error

    character is invalid whenever i try to build this.

    please help thanx

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    random dude

    i have the same problem it character is not valid? help plz

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    I hava too! The $ character seems to be invalid...

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    Game runs fine, but can't get it to work with my own tiles.  Gives an error when added to the TileLookUps.csv saying an error occured in system.drawing.dll.

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    All occurrences of '$safeprojectname$'. have to be renamed to something else. I used the quick replace in the edit menu and renamed the above mentioned to Crusader. You can name them any you wish I suppose. Just be consistent with the name with all occurrences.

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    this is cool .......i like it.....

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    Name (required)

    how do i put each monster with unique stats

    BTW I hav added a whole lava section and some tunnels... And a Knight monster... and pathfinding algorithms

    post comment here with email address and i send u files.

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    These are great articles.  I've learned quiet a bit from them.  Kudos for being beginner friendly, it's much appreciated.

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    i would like the files for your version of crusaders

    email is yuvrj_shah1@yahoo.com

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