Upgrade Your Game: SpaceBlitz (Visual Basic)

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    Hi I've installed vb.net express but when I try to install space.vsi I'm getting the following error:

    "Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture......."

    Can you help with this?

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    can someone teach me to

    create a 2D and 3D game please teach me

    games like alien shooter or RPG games

    Using Visual Basic 2008, C# 2008 ,C++ 2008

    Im a beginner need help

    heres my   Email:  Dragonseed90@yahoo.com

    or teach me the basic

    like how to move the image and setting the control when you use it on


    jumping = space bar

    w = forward

    a = left

    s = backward

    d = right

    and when you press

    w and d  = goes up diagonal to the right

    also the mouse part the click = move

    can you teach me this things

    and how do you make the map or the world

    and walk through it and the navigation bar the small one that you see where your location is when playing like on the runescape or pokemon

    please help me send me a tutorial of it or sample    

    plus the source code and the working program

    thank a lot using Visual basic 2008 , C# 2008 ,

    C++ 2008.

    and teach me how to make it into an installer

    who helps me i give you my own original games for free when im done making

    of course i need to learn those first the one that i mentioned from the above

    hope you teach me those things and i will surely give you free copy of my work when im done


    hope you help me


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    @dragonseed90 looking at the classes quickly, you may want to look at Keyboard.vb.  Also check out http://creators.xna.com they have tons of gaming solutions.  We even have other XNA examples past just this.

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    hey there

    can sum1 teach me how to make RPG game in VB which can save progress

    can you teach me how to move characters with keyboard keys like w for up

    and combination directions like wd for up-right

    how to make maps and etc

    and how to make the characters move..

    pls mail me.


    thanks alot

    hope to recieve emails.....

    "the sun follows the moon, the moon chases the sun"

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