Upgrade Your Game: Tiny Tennis (Visual Basic)

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    Zahid Shakoor


    Is there anyway i can download visual basic without being a computer admin?

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    What Program did you use to make that flowchart? give me an email ( bluefu5ion [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com ) because i do not check these sites often, Thanks !

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    Hi...Love Tiny Tennis...it's put me on the way to game programming....I've spent a couple of weeks on something that I can't figure out. Anyone know how to get the ball sprite to richochet off the paddle in a specific direction? Like real pong or breakout...say if the ball hits the top of the paddle, no matter what, It will go up? In addition if anyone has any idea how to detect edge hits...that would be greaaatttt  mmmmK Smiley

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    Im unable to get the code to compile.  With VB 05 Express I get a long list of "character no valid" errors which seem to be caused by the lines with :

    Namespace $safeprojectname$

    Ive never used namespace and don't really understand it or the error which seems to be caused by the first "$" character.  Im sure this is pretty obvious to most of you but some new guy help would sure be appreciated!

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    click on each error that indicates an invalid character, and it should take you to the error. take the $ (dollar sign) off of the front and back of the namespace, and it should work. you can re-run the program occasionally to pear down your error list from time to time. don't bother messing with any of the other errors as they will clean themselves up as you fix the namespace references. good luck.

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    Since this is my 1st time using vb 2008 express... could any of you guys tell me the code to control my paddle on the keyboard with the d pad and the w,a,s,d keys.

    Thank you!!

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    Without looking into the code and based on the article, look in tinytennis.vb

    It looks like already does key commands from the description.

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    hi! thx for the tip to earase the "$"..

    i started to program two weeks ago. and now i´m programming some mini 2d games.

    thanks for this useful tutorials

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