What's Playing? Interfacing Your Media with an External LCD Panel using Visual Studio 2005 Express

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    Astrid Z

    Will this application work with WMP version 11?

    I've read that WMP 11 won't work with the fun pack - perhaps there's a version of that plug-in that someone knows of?


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    Satjit S

    Hi Scott,

    Hope this message reaches you in good spirits? Can you please help me with configuring your application such that I can use it to work with Windows Media Player? This might be a dumb request but any help with it would be really appreciated.

    Thanks in anticipation.


    Satjit S

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    I  can't find that registry key anywhere, maybe 'cause I don't have that plugin, and not thinking on installing it though..

    ¿Does someone know about finding the currently playing item by other means? Please Post It Here.


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    The code download link (to gotdotnet) is not longer valid -- is the software download available anywhere else?

    Thank you!

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    @eco:  Thanks for the heads up, working on fixing this

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    @eco:  I contacted Scott and he gave me the source code.  The link at the top is fixed now.

    Sorry about that and thanks for alerting me!

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    Many thanks for the C# class to handle the CF 634.  I'm working on a project that utilizes this display and you've saved me a TON of work!

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    Karen Kenworthy

    << I contacted Scott and he gave me the source code.  The link at the top is fixed now. >>

    It seems to be broken again. Sad

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    @Karen Kenworthy:  Just checked, the download link seems to be working.

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