Wiimote Virtual Reality Desktop

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    Alan Parekh

    Looks like the project works very well. Too bad there is no simple way to demonstrate the D3 effect to the web viewers who are not using the special glasses. I could see applications for this in many areas, auctions for example. 3D scans of the items could be taken ahead of time and then viewed by the bidders before the auction.

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    The article looks very interesting.

    I am also working on a similar headtracking project. I have started simulating the mathematical method for tracking and as mentined in the article it seems that it fails when the 4 diodes are laid on a plane. But that's not all about it. Even for the cases  when the diodes are NOT a plane , there are some cases when the method shows bad results meaning that the configuartion of LEDs affect somehow the result we get .

    I want to setup a firm mathemtical framework that explain the reason firmly and so by having that knowledge we try to avoid it. If one is using an iterative method like LMA he/she could relate the problem to the fact that the gradient vector is somehow lost when the aligement is planar ... .

    Any idea?

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    Mike in Seattle

    Wow! Great project, well done video. Pretty advanced  techniques. I last used Kalman filters for sonar tracking.

    Too bad I can't see the stereo image on my screen.

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    If you want specific information on the Wiimote, such as the sensor camera, try WiiBrew:  http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Wiimote#IR_Camera

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