Windows Clipboard Sharing Through Web Services

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The Discussion

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    Please fix the width of this webpage.  The text is lost(cutoff)  on the main article here.

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    Robin Nicholl

    The lines on this page are all cut off, so that I cannot read the last 2-4 words on each line.

    I cannot scroll horizontally along the lines and I cannot widen the middle panel (where the text appears), so I don't know a good way to see this article to read it. (Maybe View Source?)

    I am viewing this page in IE6 SP2 on XP at 1024x768.

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    text is truncated on right of each line making article impossible to read

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    Samp Lee

    Nice formatting.  The panel of Tags, Archives, etc blots out the right side of paragraphs 2 and 3 in my view.  Not the author's fault maybe but mildly irritating - as am I.

    An interesting article though.

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    Why can't I print this in IE? Only the first page shows up in the preview.

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    I think, that is interesting for all.

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