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Scott Guthrie has a great post about question marks and LINQ.  Well, actually, it is about the c# null coalescing operator, ??.  So what does the ?? operator do?  It checks a value and if null, put in something different.

Old way:

string foo = arg[0];
if( foo == null)
    foo = "bar";

A new possible way using ??:

string foo = arg[0] ?? "bar";

What is even neater is you can chain values together to provide fallback.

string item = DBValue ?? ConfigValue ?? "SomeOtherValue";

Scott then goes on and demonstrates how to use this operator with LINQ.  He also promised to show how to do something similar with the LINQ to XML Literal support in VB.



The Discussion

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    This is not new.  It's been in C# since at least .NET 2.0, maybe longer.

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    What I'm missing is a complementary version to make it easier to write:

    string foo = (bar == null) ? null : Foo(bar);

    But it's hard to not laugh outright at the obvious choice for it:

    string foo = bar !? Foo(bar)

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