2 plus awesome = The just released netduino plus 2!

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What can't we get enough of here? What's one of our favorite hardware platforms? What is the latest and shiniest new release? A release that JUST happened yesterday?

Here's a hint from Chris Walker...


2x the RAM, 4x the speed, and 6x the flash of GEN1 Smiley  Many users have run out of flash/RAM on gen1, so the huge upgrade is going to be pretty big news.

Most Vital Specs

  • 168 MHz
  • 384KB code space (1MB total flash)
  • 100KB+ available RAM (192KB total RAM)

New Features

  • OneWire support
  • Four serial ports (vs. 2 serial ports on gen1)
  • Compatibility with even more Arduino shields
    • Higher current
    • All six core PWMs
    • Compatible with new extended Arduino shield form factor
  • MiniJTAG – for debugging of native code (side-by-side with C#/VB debugging via USB)

Figured it out yet?

netduino plus 2


system requirements

Generic Episode ImageWindows

  • Generic Episode ImageWindows XP, Vista, or 7 (32 or 64 bit)
    Recommended: Windows 7 or 8
  • 1.6 GHz or faster processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Up to 3 GB of available hard drive space for Visual Studio Express 2010

design files and source code

Generic Episode Imagedesign files (open source)

Generic Episode Imagesource code (open source)


Also remember if you want something a bit easier, try the Netduino Go! Or the Gadgeteer boards over at GHI. We love all our hardware vendors providing .Net Microsoft Framework compatible systems. There's hardware for every skill level (even one for a dev like me!... cough... Gadgeteer... cough...  Now that's saying something)

Remember when you build something awesome with one of these systems, drop us a line. Thanks and most importantly, have fun!

The Discussion

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    I have to say...  One of the amazing things about .NET Micro Framework that made this upgrade possible is its excellent architecture.  This new board uses a super-fast Cortex-M4F ARM microcontroller with THUMB2 instructions instead of the older ARMv4 microcontrollers with THUMB/ARM instructions.

    And our C# and VB applications are none the wiser Smiley  Existing code just works.

    Thanks for featuring this, Greg!  I can't wait to see what kinds of projects this major increase in flash, ram, speed, and features enables for developers and makers.

    Secret Labs LLC

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