6 Coding4Fun Windows Phone 7 applications released!



What has Coding4Fun been up to for the past few weeks?  We've been creating a bunch of neat, free, open source applications for Windows Phone 7!  hey range from simple to complex and each shows off how to do an interesting concept with the phone.

Our current released applications are:

  1. Fake Call by Clint Rutkas
  2. PicFx by Rene Schulte
  3. Where's my car by Arian Kulp
  4. Currency Converter by Pedro Lamas
  5. Dice Shaker by Mark Jourdan
  6. How much is this meeting costing us? by Clint Rutkas

All will have their source code released, most will have an article associated.

What is even cooler is this is just the tip of iceberg!  We have even more applications being developed by Dan Fernandez, Brian Peek, and others as well!

The Discussion

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    where is the article & source code?

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    Where to download those apps?

    Is there a Coding4fun website? I tried to google but only found this page?

    out of topic, when you click 'email blog author' it sends you on a MSDN blog sign in page, which evily fails on me because "there is already a user with my email" but link to get my user name / password if I forgot them! (which I did) hence I just can't sing-in! :<

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    @benny856694 articles for 2 have been posted with source code, rest are coming soon

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    @lloyd you're on the Coding4Fun website Smiley  Apps can be downloaded via Marketplace on Zune.  email code4fun@microsoft.com if you have a question

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