8 reasons why Windows 8 is GR8T

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Today's comes to us via Gavin Gear and isn't about code, development or design. It's about something that has become a sticking point for me....

Eight Enthusiast Updates in Windows 8

For the last few years, Windows 8 has been a part of my daily life. As a part of the Windows 8 engineering team, I spent many hours installing and running Windows 8 on a variety of hardware. I’ve learned a lot about Windows 8 during this time, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of this knowledge and excitement with you. In this post I’ll give an overview of eight of my favorite features and updates in Windows 8.

They are:

  1. Performance Enhancements
  2. Navigation and Appearance
  3. Windows 8 Task Manager
  4. DirectX 11 Gaming
  5. Native USB 3.0 Support
  6. UAS 3.0 and Storage Spaces
  7. Enhanced Sensor Capabilities
  8. Enhanced Boot Security and Performance


My sticking point? That Windows 8 is much more than the "Modern UI." I use Windows 8 every day, all day and feel it really is a better Windows. The telling point? How much I don't like having to switch over to my Windows 7 machines... It's not one thing, but many different little things. One of those little killer features for me is the new Task Manager. Yeah, I know, "Task Manager?" But there's features in Windows 8's Task Manager that I just love and make my Windows life that much easier.

Haven't made the jump yet because you think Windows 8 is just the Modern UI? Take a look at Gavin's post. It might just help convince you...



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