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Microsoft MVP Alessandro Del Sole and the creator of the Code Snippet Studio, was recently interviewed by Syncfusion, providing a different and cool behind baseball look at him and the app...

Project Demo: Code Snippet Studio and Essential Studio for WPF

Alessandro Del Sole, Microsoft MVP and an author for multiple titles in Syncfusion’s Succinctly e-book series, demonstrates his open-source Code Snippet Studio project in this video. Code Snippet Studio was built using tools from Essential Studio for WPF on our free Community License, which is available to individual developers and small businesses meeting certain criteria.

Why not contribute to Code Snippet Studio yourself? The project is hosted on GitHub and you can find Alessandro on Twitter: @progalex.

The full transcript for this video is below.

Whitney Hill: Thank you for taking the time to sit with me today. Would you like to introduce yourself, and tell us your name, your industry, technologies you like to use and what inspires you in your work?

Alessandro Del Sole: Yes of course, and thanks for inviting me first of all. My name is Alessandro Del Sole and I am a senior .NET developer and trainer, and consultant. I work for a company based in Italy called Brain-Sys, and I have been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional since 2008. I used to be a Visual Basic MVP, then the MVP program has been reorganized and now I am under the Visual Studio & Development Technologies category.

I have been voted MVP of the year five times; I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Specialist for C#, and I am an author for Syncfusion’s Succinctly series. I wrote four e-books so far, but I’m working on a new e-book that will be coming up in a few months. I also like writing technical articles; I wrote a number of articles for important websites such as MSDN Magazine, InformIT, Visual Basic Developer Center and so on. I also like to produce instructional videos, and Windows Store Applications – and you can find me on Twitter @progalex.


WH: That sounds great, I mean would you be able to show us your project in action?

ADS: Yes. Yes, so we have a couple versions of this tool. One is an extension for Visual Studio and one is a stand-alone application. So one important consideration at this point is that if developers want to use Essential Studio for WPF they can do it both for stand-alone WPF applications and in Visual Studio extensions which are based on WPF, basically.

So, a great opportunity that Visual Studio has been offering since many years, since 2005, is the ability of using the so-called IntelliSense code snippets. Let me show how this works. Let’s create just a very simple, very simple project. 

Okay. So, one of the things developers do the most is, trying to reuse their existing code. So they take their code snippets and save them somewhere. Because of this, Microsoft introduced an important option into Visual Studio, which is the availability of the code snippets. I can right-click, select “Insert Snippet”, and then I can select from one of the available code snippets library, and I can create my own. So for instance, I can scroll a list and select a ready-to-use code snippet. Then I can also replace the highlighted text with a different type name or a different identifier and so on. So the biggest benefit of this is that you can create your own code snippets that can be plugged into the code editor. 


WH: Okay, so can you tell us a bit about the long-term benefits or results that you saw using Essential Studio to build your project?

ADS: Yes. First of all, I saved a lot of time. I think that if I had to build my own Syntax Editor control, I would probably – it would probably take me many months. There are some free, open-source controls for syntax editing but they are not the same. Here you have full word completion support, a number of languages that are supported out of the box, you also have a context menu that is precise for editing such as increasing indentation, decreasing, or line commenting. This is the first benefit I got from using this kind of control in this project. 


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If you're interested in saving time, go check it out... Code Snippet Studio on GitHub

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    Note that Visual Studio 15 is not compatible with Code Snippet Studio extension, so what we see here is actually advertising yet another disincentive for trying the new version of VS. Please vote for this suggestion on UserVoice in order to avoid problems like this in the future: https://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/121579-visual-studio-2015/suggestions/10209516-newer-versions-of-visual-studio-say-2015-should

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    Hi, just to say my personal point of view as the author of Code Snippet Studio.

    The tool does not claim to be running under VS 15 Preview, as it has been developed with and for 2015. I agree that existing extensions should have less compatibility issues, but I'll be waiting for an RTM version before investing time on that. It's too soon to start working on a preview that might be subject to changes ;)

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