A passel of Parallel Programming samples

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Today's project is a massive set of C#, VB and F# Parallel Programming samples. The sheer number of samples is cool, let alone what the samples do.

Any sample set that includes TPL, Antisocial Robots,Game Of Life, LINQ Ray Tracer, Mandelbrot, Morph, Sudoku and must have something for everyone...?

Samples for Parallel Programming with the .NET Framework

The .NET Framework 4 includes significant advancements for developers writing parallel and concurrent applications, including Parallel LINQ (PLINQ), the Task Parallel Library (TPL), new thread-safe collections, and a variety of new coordination and synchronization data structures.

This sample includes example applications and library functionality that demonstrate, utilize, and augment this support (it is not production quality). This sample is a single .zip containing a single Visual Studio .sln file, which then contains multiple Visual Studio projects that highlight key capabilities provided by the .NET Framework 4 and the parallel programming support it provides. Below are descriptions of the included examples.

Having all the projects (for all the languages) are in one SLN, makes checking these samples out very easy and painless. Load the solution, right click on a project, set as startup and off you go!


Here's snaps from just a few of them;



If you're wondering how to take advantage of all those CPU's and Cores, then the Task Parallel Library, PLINQ and these samples should be well worth your time. Plus they are kind of fun to play with too. Smiley

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