AGENT, November SDK Update, with accelerometer support, and more

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It's been a while since I've blogged about one of my favorite hardware projects, the AGENT, Smart Watch. In a recent project update, the release of the November SDK was announced...

November SDK update and wireless power coils


November SDK update

Sensing motion in all three dimensions simultaneously, AGENT's accelerometer can count steps for fitness apps, enable gesture control, track movement patterns during sleep and more.

Earlier this year we refined our dual-processor architecture: our power-efficient secondary processor can process sensor data while our powerful main processor sleeps.  Now we're leveraging this refined architecture, enabling developers to build watch apps which react to motion events without dramatically decreasing battery run-time.

A week ago we published the November update to our preview SDK.  This update enables access to the smartwatch's accelerometer for all watch apps.  It even includes an accelerometer emulator so that developers can start building and testing fitness and other motion-enabled apps right away.

For those developers who have already written apps for Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone: AGENT utilizes the same Windows.Devices.Sensors.Accelerometer object model you already know.


Accelerometer sample watch app and emulator

Preparing for our upcoming AGENT hackathons, we also introduced about a hundred software developers to the updated SDK during two interactive classes at the Microsoft MVP Summit.  A few dozen of our backers were in attendance, and backer Rob Chartier showed off his cool Z-Wave home automation watch app. We ran one of the accelerometer class projects on AGENT hardware, answered a lot of great deep dive technical questions, and had a lot of fun.

Simply put: our goal with the AGENT SDK, emulator and hackathons is to provide the world's best software development experience for a smartwatch—so that developers can build the world's best smartwatch apps.




World-class Developer Tools

Watch apps can be written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (including the free Express edition). Deploy your apps over Bluetooth and debug them interactively.

Download Visual Studio Express 2012
Download .NET Micro Framework SDK v4.3
Download AGENT SDK v0.2.0 (November 2013 Preview)

Developers can also use AGENT as a secondary display, interacting with it remotely via Bluetooth from their Objective-C, C#, or Java smartphone app.


Finally, make sure you keep an eye on the forums. The number of app's and kinds of them, already there is amazing...

Watch App and Watch Face Showcase


For example, the [APP] Maps Application WhatsAroundYou


How cool is that!

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    Very cool. That's why it's such a SHAME that there's no mic. Would be so cool with speech recognition, so no Agent Watch for me. The Kreyos  does have a mic but no api for C#. Any alternative that I should know of?


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