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Greg is new to the Coding4Fun family and will be helping our blogging.  For those who don't know about Greg, he runs an awesome blog 

Greg Duncan

At the core I’m a boot strapped developer. I don’t have a formal programming or computer education, instead boot strapped myself into the field, learning and growing just-in-time over the years. My first business app was written when I was working the phones as a Technical Support rep for a consumer electronic mail order catalog to help us log incoming calls (doing it with pen and paper just didn’t cut it for me). Let me tell you, there are fewer “fun” experiences than walking someone over the phone through using Copy CON to create a config.sys to load CD drivers into high memory… Anyway… Starting with VB1, I’ve released a production code using every version of VB (except VB for DOS Wink So I pretty much dream in VB.

Then there’s the data side. I’ve developing against SQL Server since 4.21a, on Windows NT 3.51, using VB3 and DBLib calls. Ah, those were the days (Not). Since that dark past, I’ve remained with SQL Server (as one of those DBA worse nightmare dev’s, a dev who likes to think he knows SQL Server). So while dreaming in VB, TSQL is there too.

During the day, I’m a Development Manager in one of the “Final Four” big US accounting firms, working in the eDiscovery and Litigation Support area.

What do I do for fun? You mean besides coding, of course? I’ve got a serious feed addiction, scanning thousands of posts and blogs daily, looking for the latest, greatest and generally cool stuff. Pretty much a dev/tech news junky. Also I’m an avid reader, devouring all the science fiction and fantasy books I can get my hands on. When it comes to personal coding, most of my projects are utility, tweaks and add-ins to make my life easier, a majority of which are hosted on CodePlex. (of course! CodePlex rocks, hooks right into Visual Studio, is free and provides a great place to host and shares projects)

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