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Today's Mobile Monday project is one that's maybe not all that sexy and exciting, not something you're going to jump up and down about, it isn't a world changer, but it IS something needed in very Windows Phone 8 app. Something that every phone dev has to build, to create from scratch, a wheel reinvented all to often. So lets put a stop to that!

And there's just something about this project... Tongue Out

About Page Sample

The About Page example project demonstrates how to create an advanced "About" or "Information" page for your Windows Phone applications.

Almost all applications have an "About Page" which provides information about the app:

  • Application name;
  • Application version
  • Copyright
  • Brief details
  • Website, Support and Privacy Policy

This project delivers an example template "About page" app which additionally includes features to:

  • Rate the application
  • Send feedback to the author
  • Share application by email
  • Share application by social networks


Beyond a simple About, I like how it includes the rating/feedback/email/sharing features.


Also of note is that there's both Windows Phone 7 AND Windows Phone 8 versions.So if you're in one camp or the other, they have you covered.


This project also provides a glimpse into the Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit and MVVM Light Toolkit projects, both of which we'll likely cover in the future too.

Finally, make sure you checkout the other samples on the Nokia Developer Portal. These are not just for Nokia phones, you know... (well you do now!)

The Discussion

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    Thanks for publish this project! I am very happy to see this here. I am finishing some articles about this, that will be published soon as I can. 



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