Acoustic Simulations via Transmission Line Matrix

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    This is quite cool, and Im really glad you found it worth your time, even though the 3D is only a viewer Smiley

    I have updated the source code somewhat since you took the screen short, and It can now generate rain drops as well. This brings me to another thing you could do with this code, generate a Boat Wake by following the logic behind this answer on an  unrelated question.

    All you need to do is to replace the commented out code with the snipplet below:

        Dim rand As New Random

        Dim BoatX As Integer = 0
        Dim BoatY As Integer = 50
        Private Function GenerateRandomDropPoint() As Point
            'Generate Rain drop
            'Dim x, y As Integer
            'x = rand.Next(0, TLM.Dimensions - 1)
            'y = rand.Next(0, TLM.Dimensions - 1)
            'Return New Point(x, y)

            'Generate Boat wake
            If BoatX < TLM.Dimensions Then
                BoatX += 2
                BoatX = 0
            End If
            Return New Point(BoatX, BoatY)

        End Function

     Check the box Create Gaussian Raindrops, and play around with the Time step (I set it to 0) and increase adjust the Source Frequency (between 8 and 15 seem to generate a realistic 2D image of a boat wake). Its not quite right as the Gaussian Pulse isnt properly designed as of now, but I would fix that on a later occasion.

    Kenneth Haugland


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